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It often happens that the customer prefers to be directly involved in testing his product and read each test report . As a rule, this is done in order to eliminate all technical defects before the production of the main batch of goods is launched. In this case, we do not control the testing laboratory during the certification (compliance with Technical regulations ) procedure, this is the responsibility of the customer.

Our company will prepare for you a complete package of documents for their easy submission to the certification body. We will also conduct a detailed consultation on the preparation of product labeling and packaging. Our team will fill in all the forms, prepare the necessary letters and schemes, you only need to sign everything and submit to the certification body along with the required number of samples.

We value your time and are always ready to offer a fast and effective way to achieve a common goal. If you do not have a complete package of documents, we can prepare all missing documents as soon as possible.

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