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Prices for obtaining and issuing a certificate of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Kazakh certificate.

If you are a manufacturer or supplier with a unique product or product that has not yet been certified in the Republic of Kazakhstan, and you also do not have test reports (a general concept of what it is) of a European standard, then in order to obtain a Certificate of Conformity of the Republic of Kazakhstan, you need to go through the testing procedure for your products in accordance with the norms and laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan and you are interested in the cost of certification.

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How much does it cost to issue a certificate of conformity? Order a certificate of expertise type price.

The exact calculation of the cost of our company's services in obtaining a certificate of conformity, consultations on certification issues, preparation of a full package of documents for certification or any other services provided by the company is always individual and depends on the complexity of the task and the amount of work. In the material below, you will get acquainted with the estimated cost of our services and their scope.

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