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Certificate of Conformity (Type Examination Certificate) - a document issued by organizations with appropriate powers in the field of standardization, certification and quality.

Certificate of conformity (certificate of quality), type examination certificate is the final document issued by the conformity assessment body based on the results of testing a product, product or product and is a confirmation of the quality of the product and its compliance with the technical regulations of Ukraine.

The certificate of conformity confirms that certain products comply with the requirements established in the normative document of production or in state national, industry standards, or various kinds of product specifications.

In order to understand what a certificate of conformity is in Ukraine, let's briefly go through all its correct and incorrect names as of 2021:

Certificate of conformity

(the correct name depends on the conformity assessment module being tested, (see later in the article))

Type examination certificate

(the correct name, the most popular type of certification, depends on the module being tested, (see later in the article))

UkrSEPRO certificate

(obsolete name due to the cancellation of the UkrSEPRO system in 2018)

Declaration of conformity

(has not ceased to exist, but is not the main document and is compiled on the basis of a Certificate of Conformity or Type Examination Certificate)

Since 2018, the assessment of compliance with the requirements of technical regulations has become mandatory, the basis for this was the adoption of of the Law of Ukraine "On Technical Regulations and Conformity Assessment" and invalidation from 01.01.2018 Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated 10.05.93 N 46-93 "On standardization and certification" . Let's break down the terminology a bit and find out what happened.

Compulsory Certification has been cancelled, but in Ukraine there is a mandatory compliance with Technical regulations.

To fill out Declaration of conformity and indication of the list Technical regulations to which the product complies, Test reports , or a Certificate, the number of which is an integral part of the declaration, as proof that everything is correct.

Test protocols can be obtained at Certification Body by undergoing a conformity assessment procedure. In case of successful passing of the assessment of compliance with technical regulations, a Type Examination Certificate is issued. And products can be marked with Mark of Conformity.

One of our articles says, why the Certificate of Conformity has changed its name to Type Examination Certificate (Declaration of Conformity).

So where does the wording "Type Examination Certificate" come from? The answer to this question is given by Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine "On approval of conformity assessment modules that are used to develop conformity assessment procedures, and rules for the use of conformity assessment modules" dated January 13, 2016 No. 95

There are several modules for assessing compliance with technical regulations, and only module A, A1 and A2 is an examination with production control. All other modules are mostly based on the examination of the design of a typical sample (product sample). If you are not a manufacturer or do not want to conduct examination and production control, you apply only for a Type Examination Certificate (these are all goods brought from abroad and usually undergoing examination according to Module B)

Module types with brief description:

You can find an example of a Type Examination Certificate with Addendum by clicking on the link below

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