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Let's start with simple and then move to complex things. Incorrect labeling of goods and their packaging can be a real challenge for a manufacturer and an importer. Not only that, a fine is imposed for this, so also large chains could refuse to sell incorrectly labeled goods through their Internet sites and stores, as this can mislead the consumer, according to the Law of Ukraine On Consumer Protection .

Unus Finis company consults and prepares materials for competent product labeling and packaging for your products. We will tell you in detail about each mark and inscription and show your product from the best side. This type of consultation includes a detailed analysis of your product's manual, as an integral part of your product, as well as the warranty.

Let's move on to a more complex process, such as "product development" in this type of service. We are directly involved in creating a product both from scratch and focusing on existing samples. We analyze competitors both among companies and products. We are working on improving the technical component to increase competitiveness. We are looking for new innovative solutions for markets and products. We think over new sales markets and extension of audience. And of course we are meticulous about everything to the smallest detail, including the cost of the certificate of conformity.

It is always interesting to participate in ambitious projects and bring them to fruition. Our many years of experience will help move your ideas forward.

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