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Our company, with the support of European ratified conformity assessment bodies in Europe, provides an opportunity for all Ukrainian and European companies to get RoHS certification (RoHS certificate).

RoHS certification (RoHS certificate) is primarily a guarantee of the safety of your product, presented both on the Ukrainian and European markets.

Recently, Europeans are increasingly choosing products with RoHS (RoHS certificate) marking than without it. RoHS certification is mandatory in a number of European countries, it is not only the prestige of the product and the company - it is a guarantee of safety for the end user.

According to the requirements of the RoHS Directive for certification, all manufacturers must complete the registration procedure.

For example, since November 23, 2005, a law has been in force in Germany that prohibits the sale of certain categories of electrical and electronic equipment if the manufacturer has not been officially registered in this country.

The RoHS directive applies to the following product categories:

The entire testing process is carried out exclusively in Europe. To obtain a RoHS certificate with our company, you will need to provide at least three samples of your products, as well as detailed characteristics of the device, namely a full description of the elements located on the board and data on the case material.

After providing data on the test sample, Unus Finis specialists will evaluate, as well as calculation of the cost of testing, and drawing up a "map of elements" (paid service). When the calculations and samples are ready, and the amount of testing is agreed and paid, our company can begin the process of initializing the receipt of the RoHS certificate.

The average time to obtain a RoHS certificate (RoHS certificate) is 28 calendar days, the test period may vary depending on the complexity of the test sample.

The estimated cost of obtaining a RoHS certificate (RoHS certificate) as well as the services of our company for calculating the cost and analyzing documents are presented in the article:

"The cost of obtaining RoHS certificates. Consultations, analysis of documents for RoHS certificate.»

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