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In this article, we want to reveal several important factors that influence the formation of the cost of obtaining a RoHS certificate

Cost obtaining RoHS certificates (RoHS certificate) is a set of actions to evaluate the test sample and an accurate count of the elements contained in German

In order to start forming the cost of testing for obtaining a RoHS certificate, it is necessary to work on determining the number of elements and materials in the product.

The next step is to determine the quality of the elements themselves, since one element on the board, for example, a processor, can contain both several types of metal, and, for example, graphite and a number of polymers.

For such an analysis, our company compiles a "map of elements" based on the detailed characteristics of the device provided by the customer, namely a complete description of the elements (datashit) located on the board and data on the case material (datashit).

The cost of compiling a "map of elements" by our company will be - 100 euros (payment is made in national currency at the market rate at the time of ordering the service)

After compiling a "map of elements", it is sent to the European RoHS certification body, where, on its basis, the cost of certification of a particular product is calculated. As in any certification body, the cost of testing, and therefore obtaining a certificate, depends on the complexity of the test sample.

There are also a number of standard rates for both the European body and our company. For example, the European RoHS Certification Body (RoHS certificate) has a standard starting rate, which is equal to 1000 euros - this is the so-called cost of the work of the body, it includes information and consulting services, accounting, warehouse, product acceptance and evaluation, etc.

Our company also has a “standard rate” for this type of service and it is 500 euros, this amount includes communication with the European body, sending payments and samples, testing support, the formation of a full package of documents, etc. .

As for the product tests themselves, here the amounts depend, as we have already written, on the number of elements and materials in the product.

For a rough understanding of the cost of RoHS certification (RoHS certificate), we will give a few examples:

  1. Type-C to Type-C cable certification
  2. Electric kitchen hood with cable
  3. Based on the above examples, you can roughly estimate the cost of obtaining a RoHS certificate.

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