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Certification in Ukraine after 2018 has ceased to be divided into mandatory and voluntary due to the fact that Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 46 -93 dated October 5, 1993 on standardization and certification ceased to be effective from January 1,2018. However, according to the current legislative acts starting from 2018, it has become mandatory to conduct an assessment of compliance with the requirements of technical regulations (according to the Law of Ukraine On Technical Regulations and Conformity Assessment).

According to them, all goods imported and produced on the territory of Ukraine must undergo conformity assessment unless otherwise specified in legislative acts. The main focus of our company is assistance in passing the compliance procedure for goods covered by this law. The document confirming the successful completion of the conformity procedure is the Certificate of Examination (Certificate of Conformity). There is no list of devices subject to mandatory compliance with the compliance procedure as such, since the law contains a direct reference to the technical characteristics. However, despite all the changes, for a common understanding of which product needs to be certified, one can read about the list in the article "List of goods subject to certification (declaration)" on our website.

A "turnkey" certification package means that we will prepare for you a complete package of documents for your product, control its testing in accordance with all protocols, take care of the labeling of the packaging and the product itself, as well as provide a detailed advise. You do not need to worry about anything. You will need a minimum package of documents and a sample of your device. We will do the rest instead of you.

We help to certify both individual samples and a range of devices and spare parts for them. We take an integrated approach to obtaining a certificate. The certificate of conformity obtained from Unus Finis guarantees its multi-functionality.

You will get:

  1. Type examination certificate with annexes
  2. Declaration of Conformity (in paper and electronic form).
  3. Test reports (signed stamped pages and the full paper in electronic form).
  4. Certification agreement
  5. The original agreement, original invoice and work completion statement
  6. the entry in the state register of certification of the Ukrainian State Centre for Radio Frequencies.
  7. Registration, submission of documents and registration in the NCCIR database (if necessary).

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