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Unus Finis provides consultations on certification (assessment of compliance with technical regulations) and the import of electronics and equipment into the territory of Ukraine, which has a module for receiving or transmitting data, in accordance with the requirements set out in NCCIR Decision No. 78 dated February 13, 2018 and Government Resolution No. 355 on the approval of the Technical Regulation on radio equipment dated May 24, 2017. . If you are only planning to manufacture a new device for its further placement on the territory of Ukraine, we recommend that you consider us as a partner in "product development and labeling for Ukraine"

If you already have a finished product, we will be happy to share our experience as a consultant.

We will tell you how many samples are needed for certification (passing the assessment of conformity with the Technical Regulations), what shall be included in the delivery set and why. We will tell you what package of documents shall be requested from the manufacturer, and which one – from a company representative. What menu items shall be in the manual, what package of documents you will have on hand and what to do with it, what technical diagrams and cover letters we will need.

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