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In this article, we will look at Wi-Fi performance standards and how they affect the cost of obtaining a Certificate of Conformity and certification in general.

So, Wi-Fi is a set of communication standards, IEEE 802.11, for connecting a number of frequency bands in a wireless network, such as 0.9; 2.4; 3.6; 5 and 60 GHz.

Modern Wi-Fi standards are divided into four basic operating modes B, G, N and AC, each of these standards is being tested and therefore the presence or absence of any of them affects the cost of certification.

These modes are usually denoted by a fraction, and they look like this: Wi-Fi b/g/n/ac.

In inexpensive devices, Wi-Fi is more common, which has three modes of Wi-Fi b / g / n, the cost of certification of such devices is slightly cheaper than devices with ac mode, which, although not uncommon, is still the prerogative of more expensive devices.

The main differences between the modes are data transfer rate, range, backward compatibility and channel capacity.

  • IEEE 802.11a - 54 Mbps (link speed), 5 GHz standard.
  • IEEE 802.11 b - Used to support 5.5 Mbps and 11 Mbps (connection speed).
  • IEEE 802.11 g - 54 Mbps (connection speed), 2.4 GHz standard (supports backward compatibility with standard b).
  • IEEE 802.11 n - 2.4-2.5 GHz (150 Mbps (link speed)); 5 GHz (600 Mbps (connection speed)). Backward compatible a/b/g
  • IEEE 802.11 ac is the most modern standard available today. (It is backwards compatible with a and n. Wi-Fi ac devices can operate in IEEE 802.11 a/an/ac mode) The data transfer rate in this standard can reach up to 6.77 Gbps. Adopted in 2014.

The bandwidth of 1 channel is always higher than the connection speed.

Calculation of the cost of certification, that is, carrying out a conformity assessment Technical regulations (testing) is built on the features of operating modes, Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi b/g/n range and Wi-Fi ac range are independently tested. This is a technical feature of the modes of operation of these standards.

Thus, the cost of certification and obtaining certificate of conformity (type examination certificate) for devices that have Wi-Fi ac will cost more, as it has its own, independent test report. Both test reports (on Wi-Fi ac and Wi-Fi b/g/n) and their results can be summarized in one general report (test report).

When calculating the cost of obtaining Certificate of Conformity (Type Examination Certificate) Always consider the technical details of the Wi-Fi module.

All calculations are carried out by the conformity assessment body based on Resolutions of the Cabinet of Ministers of UFCraine "On approval of the Rules for determining the cost of work to assess compliance with the requirements of technical regulations, are carried out by designated conformity assessment bodies and recognized independent organizations" dated July 12, 2017 No. 514

An individual approach is applied to each client, in connection with which the numbers appearing in the formulas, as well as the result of the calculations, can be attracted both up and down, depending on various factors described on this site. This article is for informational purposes only.

All calculations for services are carried out by Unus Finis individually for each customer, in accordance with internal regulations and the level of complexity, which is described in the article "Tariffs for the services of Unus Finis".

Abbreviations used in the article:

An example of calculating the cost of certification - 1

Given: Car DVR

Technical data (only those that are important for testing and calculating the cost of certification):

  1. Data interface: Wi-Fi b/g/n
  2. Car charger (included): 5V - 2A

Calculate the cost of certification using the formula:

"WCB" + "PKMU 514" + "ZU" = 37000 UAH. (excluding the cost of "UFC")

"WCB" + "PKMU 514" + "ZU" + "UFC" = 59000 UAH. (turnkey)

An example of calculating the cost of certification - 2

Given: Wi-Fi router (b/g/n/ac)

Technical data (only those that are important for testing and calculating the cost of certification):

  1. Data interface: Wi-Fi b/g/n/ac
  2. Charger (included): 5V - 2A

Calculate the cost of certification using the formula:

"WCB" + "PKMU 514" + "ZU" = 44000 UAH. (excluding the cost of "UFC")

“WCB” + “PKMU 514” + “ZU” + “UFC” = UAH 66000 (turnkey)

Thus, the cost of certification of the IEEE 802.11 communication standard or, in simple terms, devices that include a Wi-Fi b / g / n / ac radio module (data transfer technology) directly depends on its operating range and operating mode.

We remind you that all the figures given in this article are for guidance only and may vary both up and down. All calculations are carried out individually for each customer, taking into account all his wishes and possibilities.

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